An image of a freshly paved driveway.

St. Pete Complete can design and build your driveways or walkways using beautiful, durable and affordable concrete pavers. 

We offer a wide range of colors and shapes of pavers. Available in concrete, brick and natural stone, plus limestone, ledgestone, flagstone and other natural products, a paver driveway and walkway can compliment your home and landscape design.

Durability and Versatility

Driveways are constructed according to your area’s building code requirements. We use Base material (crushed concrete) to make a strong and stable foundation for brick or stone pavers. Once the pavers are installed, they are rolled or tamped to help the pieces interlock with each other. The border course is laid on a small concrete footing and the outside edge of the driveway border course is mortared into place. Sand is again applied over the driveway and brushed into the interlocking spaces. The whole interior pattern is again tamped at this time. The durability of concrete pavers is well suited for just about any application.

Stronger Than Concrete Slabs

Pavers are compressed concrete units that are used for driveways, patios, walkways and more. They are installed on a bed of compacted road base and a leveling layer of sand. Additional sand is installed between the joints to create an interlocking system of stones that is very strong and secure, flexible to adjust to changes in terrain, and porous to allow water to seep through. This means that paving stones won’t crack due to weather conditions or movement. 

Paving stones are many times stronger than traditional poured concrete. Because of their strength and durability, pavers are used in many commercial settings while being extremely popular for residential new driveways, pool decks, patios and entryways.

Easy to Maintain

One of the great things about paving stones is how easy they are to maintain. If grease, oil or paint gets on your pavers, you can easily replace them. It’s as simple as popping out the old one and inserting a new one. This is not possible with a concrete or asphalt surface, and large stains or cracks most likely means the whole area will need to be replaced.

Long Lasting

If Paving Stones are sealed when installed, they can last for decades. If one or more of the pavers get damaged or stained, they can be replaced instead of replacing the entire area.

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