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St Pete Complete Landscape has earned the reputation as the source for reliable Water Well Drilling in Pinellas County. Whether you’re looking for deep-well drilling for agricultural irrigation or shallow-well drilling for landscape sprinklers, we can get the water flowing. Are you a homeowner in Florida looking to optimize your irrigation system? Look no further than St Pete Complete, your trusted partner for professional water well drilling services. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can help you access a reliable and sustainable water source right on your property. Say goodbye to skyrocketing water bills and hello to a greener, more cost-effective solution for your irrigation needs.

Why Choose Water Well Drilling for Irrigation?

Consistent Water Supply: By investing in a water well for irrigation, you ensure a consistent and dependable water source. You won’t have to worry about water shortages or rationing during dry spells, as you’ll have direct access to a dedicated water supply on your property.

Cost Savings: Traditional municipal water supplies often come with hefty bills, especially during peak irrigation seasons. With a water well, you can significantly reduce your water expenses by using your own groundwater instead. It’s a smart long-term investment that pays for itself over time.

Environmentally Friendly: Using groundwater for irrigation is an eco-friendly choice. By minimizing your reliance on municipal water systems, you contribute to the conservation of local water resources. It’s a sustainable solution that promotes responsible water usage and helps preserve Florida’s delicate ecosystem.

Irrigation Water Well Drilling

  • Irrigation systems
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Irrigation repair
  • Shallow well drilling
  • Shallow well pumps
  • Shallow well recovery
  • Shallow well installation

Our Water Well Drilling Process

At St Pete Complete, we prioritize professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction. When you choose us for your water well drilling needs, you can expect a seamless experience from start to finish:

Consultation: Our expert team will conduct an initial consultation to understand your specific irrigation requirements. We’ll assess your property, discuss your water needs, and determine the most suitable drilling approach for your project.

Site Evaluation: We’ll perform a comprehensive site evaluation, considering factors such as soil composition, groundwater levels, and local regulations. This evaluation ensures that we select the optimal location for drilling to maximize water yield and efficiency.

Drilling and Installation: Using advanced drilling equipment and techniques, our skilled technicians will carefully drill your water well. We employ industry best practices to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficiency throughout the process. Once drilling is complete, we’ll expertly install the necessary equipment, including pumps, filters, and pressure systems.

Testing and Permitting: We conduct thorough water testing to ensure the quality and suitability of your groundwater for irrigation purposes. We’ll also assist you with obtaining any necessary permits and complying with local regulations governing water well drilling.

Maintenance and Repairs: Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end with the completion of the drilling process. We offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services to keep your water well operating at its best. Our team is always just a phone call away to address any concerns or issues you may encounter.

Trust St Pete Complete for Your Irrigation Needs

With years of experience and a reputation for excellence, St Pete Complete is the go-to choice for water well drilling for irrigation in Florida. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results and exceeding customer expectations. When you partner with us, you can have confidence in the quality, reliability, and longevity of your water well system.

Deep Water Well Drilling

  • Deep well drilling
  • Deep well pumps
  • Deep well installation
  • Deep well drilling
  • Deep well jet pump
  • Deep well repair
  • Deep well system
  • Deep well recovery
A diagram of a typical well drilling system.

Ground Water Basics

Beneath the ground across Florida is a natural reservoir of water called the Florida aquifer. It’s fed from above through rain water that filters very slowly through soil and rock, and from below through natural springs. This source of pure water is accessible by well water drilling.

The Drilling Process

Water well contractors use drilling machines, or rigs, to access this water. The well is actually just a specially engineered hole with several different elements. The diameter of the actual hole varies from 6-12 inches, depending on the formations anticipated and the desired yield. Wells are cased to protect the well from contaminants. Serving as a structural retainer, casing and/or a liner, may be used if shale or cavernous formations are encountered. When water is encountered, well screen or perforated pipe is placed in the water bearing formations. A pump is installed and you are ready to enjoy fresh, pure water direct from God’s earth.

What does it cost?

The cost of installing a water well is usually quoted by the foot for drilling and casing the well. The cost by foot can vary according to the difficulty of drilling as well as the type of material used. It is for these reasons that the depth of the well plays a crucial part in determining the total price. Other components such as the pump equipment required for the job and materials for installing the well are also considered. A set-up charge or mobilization of equipment along with state water well permits are included in the price.

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